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L’Occitan, qu’es aquò ? - English

L’Occitan, qu’es aquò ? - English..
L’Occitan, qu’es aquò ? - English
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What is Occitan ? It’s an information brochure to introduce you to the richness of Occitan culture, its players and its foothold in our society in a few pages.

A millenary culture..
A millenary culture
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Quick history of the Occitan culture 11th – 13th Centuries : Auspicious period for troubadours 1209 : Crusade against the people of Albi 16th – 17th Centuries : The Occitan Baroque Age 1791 – 1794 : French revolution, first real linguistic policy aiming to impose French in the whole French (...)
Learning and transmitting the language..
Learning and transmitting the language
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La lenga occitana, the Occitan language Occitan, or langue d’oc, is this Latin language spoken in eight regions of the South of France (not including Roussillon and Basque country). Occitan is also spoken in twelve Alpine valleys in Italy and in Val d’Aran, in Spain. It includes six dialects : (...)
Occitan in everyday life..
Occitan in everyday life
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Songs Present in all Occitan regions with approximately fifteen versions, Se canta asserts itself as a federating song, celebrating the fin’amor, love from afar, sung by the troubadours. Dejós ma fenèstra I a un aucelon Tota la nuèch canta Canta sa cançon. _ Repic : Se canta que cante (...)